Environmental Management

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Following this statement, FIAP GmbH integrates the topics of ecology and environmental protection as an integral part of its corporate culture and company philosophy.

FIAP GmbH adheres strictly to the laws in all federal states and is committed to the principles of social market management, human and environmental health.

The company fulfills this obligation by assuming responsibility in dealing with natural resources. This responsibility is reflected, for example, in ecological product production or the realization of sustainable concepts. Ecology and sustainability aspects were taken into account and implemented from the outset.

This clear commitment to environmental protection results in the following five environmental management guidelines:
Protection of health and ecology in all fields of our business

Development of ecological FIAP products and service strategies

Selection of the assortments and suppliers according to the latest state of the art and maximum protection of the environment

Motivation of our employees for an environmentally conscious action

Promoting the development of new ideas for safety and health at work


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